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We help and support you to develop working practices that are inclusive and accountable to the public, making sure that your processes are streamlined, efficient and outcome focused.


Helping you to measure and assess your performance


Helping you to meet different needs of different people


Helping you to develop productive systems and protocols that meet legislative standards


Working with you to meet your organisational needs
Equality Diversity Development Services is an established and trusted organisation that works across many sectors making sure that your teams, processes and practice are safe and efficient putting people at the heart of your service design and delivery. We understand the financial pressures on organisations and especially within the public sector. We can work with you to ensure you make safe and robust decisions when redesigning services to the public.
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Equality Diversity Development Services

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Where your vision is to design and deliver a health care system that is person-centred, supports
people and offers the best in care then it is vital that it is inclusive, understand diverse needs and does not discriminate against users.
We can help you to identify robust processes, highlighting key concerns that need to be addressed, strategies for community consultations and vital requirements that need to be built in to the commissioning and service delivery processes.
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Local Authority

We can help you with every stage of this process making sure that services are meeting need are cost effective and are using resources appropriately.

In these times of ‘cut backs and restructuring’ it is vital that public bodies do not inadvertently discriminate against service users. We can help you with this process, highlighting key concerns, strategies and community consultations.

Voluntary sector

The Equality Act has created different demands on the voluntary sector and extends its influence in the voluntary sector world.

We can help you to understand these and make sure your are compliant with the law. In addition we work with many public bodies in devising ‘protocols’ for them when they are commissioning services. We can help the voluntary sector to understand the demands that will be placed on them via commissioned contracts and grants, and how they can respond to this in a positive and progressive manner, helping them in maintaining contracts and develop new service provision.

In today’s economic climate it is vital that the voluntary sector understands and can work with the Equality Act to help develop and grow its profile.

Government departments

The public sector perhaps is more familiar with equality legislation that other sectors. However the Equality Act 2010 galvanises previous legislation. It creates more clear definitions of discrimination and imposes a ‘public sector equality duty’. As a result some processes that are currently in play will become ‘defunct’. ‘Outcomes’ and by that we mean, ‘demonstrable outcomes’ are now the watch word and measure of success.

As such, equality implications to service provision have to be integral to all business plans (not a ‘bolt on’ or ‘add in’) and also to any procurement and commissioning activity. As such it is vital, whether working with the voluntary sector or private companies, that the equality implications to the work is clearly highlighted, visible, written in to the contract/specification and testable in service delivery.

Private business

No matter what size of your organisation or business there are new rules around employment practices and provisions. Failure to uphold these could result in litigations. To help avoid this it is essential that, as an employer, you seek advice and guidance on how the Equality Act impacts on employers.
We can help with all aspects of this.

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