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  • Understand how the equality legislation affect your services
  • If you plan to take on ‘public funded’ contracts, then you need to understand that the law expects more from you.
  • How to work with ‘public funders’ and meet their needs in relation to Public Sector Equality Duty
  • How to develop systems to provide evidence of work linked to protected characteristics
  • Briefings and updates to key managers and staff
  • Preparation for Equality Audit

Key Elements

  • Working in a progressive way with your key staff
  • Help you develop pragmatic systems that meet funders requirements
  • Help you to demonstrate that you are meeting equality objectives
  • Train key staff in key processes linked to E&D
  • Minimise sub optimal performance when delivering service to the public
  • Identifying the need to deliver services differently due to different needs linked to protected characteristics
  • Robust consultation with service users


  • Ensure service delivery meets legal requirements
  • Identify key and manageable miles’ stone when developing work programmes linked to Equality and diversity
  • Develop good specification complie3nce when bidding for contracts


  • How to effect change in service deliver and work with commissioners
  • How to identify and meet diverse needs and build this in to work plans and commissioner reports
  • Develop robust evidence base
  • Keeping on the right side of the law

Your task. Our task

Having a good equality record is vital for private sector that wishes to gain public contracts. Commissioners set high bars for equality and diversity and expect private service providers to understand what is required and design testable services that meet diverse needs.

Our team has experience of working with commissioners and helping them to design programmes and commissioning tenders. We can work with you to develop good quality and robust applications and then help you develop systems that will keep track of service delivery to diverse community to demonstrate your compliance with the commissioner’s needs.

Your key staff need to understand the equality analyse process, the Public sector equality duties and what counts as good evidence – we can work with you team to build this knowledge in to your work force and you operating systems. Contact us for a conversation and we can discuss your requirements and how we can help

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