Voluntary Sector

How we can we help you


  • Equality law now specially includes the voluntary sector – understand what the law requires and how to comply
  • Identify how you can challenge changes by larger organisations
  • Briefings and updates to key managerial teams
  • Integrate quality analysis documentation in to your core work and use for funding applications
  • Help demonstrate how you are meeting Public sector equality duty to large funders whom require this knowledge

Key Elements

  • Working in a supportive way with you staff and workers
  • Help you to develop clear processes that fit your work
  • Show you how to link equality objectives to commission of services
  • Training and briefing staff and workers to ensure activates are within acceptable parameters
  • Help you to develop work programmes that fit national agendas and funding rounds
  • Help you to develop robust community consultation programmes and evidence
  • Help you to identify key legal judgements in connection with consultation and how to develop work around these


  • Ensure your service provision meets legal requirements
  • Train staff on key principles to enhance their designing of programmes for the community
  • Skill and equip key staff with Equality Analysis processes


  • Keeping a correct weighting and balance in consultation and engagement
  • How to influence larger funding organisation
  • How to develop services and programmes to meet diverse needs
  • Develop robust evidence base

Your Task. Our Task

Our team have all worked in the voluntary sector and understand the different dynamics at play. In these austerity times funding is becoming more and more difficult. We can work with you to show you how to redesign your services yet keep the most vulnerable protected. We can work with you to show you how big organisations make changes and how you can negotiate using the Equality Act 2010, identify their thinking and challenge their processes. It is important as voluntary sector that you are ready to respond and to consult service users and wider community when change is being planned. We can help you to identify the best process that meets all the legal requirements and that will have maximum impact on your funders.

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